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Hand-held Body Massager – Numerous Benefits at Your Hands !

Body massage has been found to have many benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness, migraine headaches and various types of body pain. It provides relaxation from everyday stress and makes our body flexible and alert. However, traditional hand massage can be time consuming, costly and at times simply unavailable. In such cases, you can get wonders by using a hand held body massager at the convenience of your home.

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Why body massage?

Human body massage is a good technique to get relief from various body pains. It provides relaxation from everyday common stress.

You may have experienced either full or partial body massage yourself such as foot massage or head massage at your favourite salon.

Or if you have been to Vaishno Devi Temple (India), you took a gruelling pilgrimage walk on foot for two days. Then you may have undertaken that refreshing and energising foot and leg massage offered by many hand masseurs at Katra, Jammu, which is the base camp.

Or, you may have taken your old parents / relatives to a nearby clinic or therapy centre for getting therapeutic massage.

Body massage can relax you, energise you and help relieve stiff muscle pain from physical exertion or old age problems. Body massage has countless benefits and it can keep the body working at an optimal level, keeping you fit physically as well as emotionally.

We know massage since ancient times …

Historically, people in different cultures around the world have been practising massage therapy. Ancient civilisations in India, China, Japan, Arabic world, Egypt and Greece have been carrying out various types of therapeutic massages for a long time. Discovery of archaeological artefacts like tablets or wall drawings prove this.

Ayurvedic massage body massage by therapist massage centre
Ayurvedic massage India

Kerala, southernmost state in India, has many Ayurvedic massage centres for not only relaxation but also for different types of medical treatments.

In Indian villages too, many people rub their body with oil for 5-10 minutes before taking a bath; this is self or personal massage at an elementary form.

What do we mean by body massage?

In a body massage, you usually rub and manipulate muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments of various body areas. Nowadays, massage is done not only in Spa centres but also in medical environments such as hospitals, clinics and physio therapy centres. More and more people are beginning to understand benefits of massage for their health and well-being.

A full body massage therapy usually takes an hour or more of your time. You may have seen that a typical Spa centre or Ayurveda clinic or massage centre having usually dimly lit room. Often, they play soothing music in the background while performing massage. The environment creates a sense of relaxation before even the massage begins. These are all designed to make you will feel relaxed.

What effects does massage have on your body?

In technical terms, massage works through your body in two ways, causing certain physiological and psychological changes:

Relaxation response :

Your body’s nervous system responds to any type of massage positively and happily. Studies suggest that this response causes an increase in the level of serotonin. This is a chemical which supposedly affects our emotions and thoughts in a positive way. In other words, this chemical makes us feel happier.

The relaxation response also helps in decreasing physical effects of stress and associated risks such as hypertension (high blood pressure), heart ailments, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and digestive disorders.

Mechanical response:

The second way a body massager works is by producing real physical effect in your body. When pressure is applied with hand or an electrical body massager to the soft tissues of your body, it causes increase in blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation enhances delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the affected muscle cells.  This leads to better functioning of tissues, thus reducing stress and causing relaxation.

Massage therapy thus relaxes long stiff muscle tissues and reduces painful contractions and spasms.

What are the Top 5 benefits of body massager ?

hand held electric body massager online india back massager for pain relief
Electric Body Massager

For you to quickly understand, we have listed below Top 5 major benefits of a partial or full body massage that any normal adult may get:-

Relief from Common Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

Fibromyalgia refers to a kind of bodily condition characterized by muscular or musculo-skeletal pain with stiffness and localized tenderness at specific points on the body. The symptoms are typically muscle pain, morning stiffness, headaches, irritable bowel movements, numbness or tingling of hands & feet, and restless legs. In old age these can be persistent conditions and are often heightened by worries, stress and lack of sleep. Body massage in various forms can provide relief, reduce muscle pain and bodily discomfort.

As per National Fibromyalgia Association (USA), it is one of the most effective complementary treatments.

Relaxation and Freshness of Mood:

It is a common fact that massage relaxes you and makes you feel good. It therefore reduces anxiety and depression. As per Touch Research Institute at University of Miami School of Medicine, massage can lower the body’s level of cortisol, a stress hormone by as much as 50 percent. Massage also seems to increase the feel-good hormones or chemicals, viz. serotonin and dopamine.

Relief from Headache, Muscle and Back Pain :

All over the world, people suffer from migraine and stress related headaches. Often, poor sleep and sleep disorders in today’s modern lifestyle cause headaches. (If interested, you can read our post on Sleep Disorders).

Studies and experience show that people receiving massages have better quality sleep and less headaches when they wake up in the mornings. You can try this at home: Do an oil massage yourself before bathing in the evening and see yourself feeling relaxed and getting a good night’s sleep. Similarly, common back pain and muscle pain can be relieved through massage of affected parts.

Increasing Agility and Flexibility in Body:

If you are an athlete or a sports person, then you are constantly putting strain on your legs and knees. If you are a middle-aged adult, then you may have lost some range of motion in your hips. In such cases, staying flexible is important to your health. You can achieve and maintain this flexibility with the help of a body massager.

Massage works on the muscles, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments and stimulates production and retention of the natural lubricants between the connective tissue fibres.

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Helping Post Surgery Recovery Process :

Post-surgical recovery is an important aspect of a rigorous medical or surgical treatment. Often doctors advise patients to undertake – either through their physio therapists or otherwise– appropriate massage for some time to help in recovery.

A good massage can help you get back on your feet sooner by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles and improving joint movement and flexibility.

Why should you use a hand-held electric body massager ?

While the traditional way is to undertake body massage by an expert masseur or therapist, there are many drawbacks in today’s times:-

Lack of good quality massage centres with proper medical environs in many cities and towns. Even if there are one or two, they may be far off and not convenient for you to make frequent trips with your busy schedules.

√ The skill sets of local masseurs or therapists are subjective and may not be suitable for some people. It is difficult to find good hands. You may even come back with more pain from such massage.

√ Body massage at a therapy centre is often quite costly as well as time consuming. Whereas what you may really need often is some quick relaxation or pain relief in certain parts of your body.

Great deals on Electrical Hand Held Body Massager on Amazon India

Today, technical advancements in the field of medical devices have made it possible to get body massage at the convenience of your home. There are electrically operated percussive massagers which have hammer pads. These hammer pads (which come in various shapes and sizes) can send vibrations deep into the affected muscles.

When we have these products available aplenty in the online market at affordable rates, where is the need to go to a therapy or massage centre ?

Take charge of your health and well-being. Go ahead and use an electric hand-held body massager yourself at home… even your family members can benefit by using it. They can too get relaxation from everyday stress and minor pain.

What is a hand held body massager  ?

A mechanical percussive massager typically is held onto the surface of the body. When switched on, it sends vibrations deep into the muscles. The muscles being worked on get relaxed due to these vibrations.

There is no painful deep tissue massage by a less trained or low skilled hand masseur. This is where the hand held percussive massager is very effective. You can do massage yourself for 5-10 minutes or more while sitting in your lounge chair watching TV at home.

You can yourself determine what the comfortable level for you is and the extent or intensity of of massage that you would like to do. All controls are in your hands!

Please note that the electrical hand held body massager is only limited by the size and shape of the hammers and the power of the motor.

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Side effects of massage that you should carefully note

In some situations, you may get minor or serious injuries even though you may be getting body massage form trained persons. The injuries are typically temporary pain, discomfort, bruising effects, allergy to massage oil and/or swelling.

Therefore, it is advisable that you take adequate precautions before going for any kind of body massage:-

  • Avoid intense body massage if you have certain health issues such as bleeding disorders
  • Do not massage on any area with open wounds, fractures or skin infections
  • No massage should be done on area which has been surgically treated
  • Consult your doctor if you are a cancer patient or having pregnancy before any massage
  • See your doctor if you have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis before a massage

You are advised to take these precautions even while doing massage with an electric body massager.

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Body massage has been found to have numerous benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness, migraine headaches and various types of body pain. It provides relaxation from everyday stress and makes our body flexible and alert.

However, traditional hand massage can be very time consuming as well as costly. Often, it is quite difficult to obtain services of a good therapist.

In such cases, an electric hand held body massager can do wonders for you at the convenience of your home itself.

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