Pulse Oximeter SPO2 blood oxygen monitor measurement

Top Oximeter (s) To Buy Online in India

A pulse oximeter is a convenient portable device to measure the oxygen level in your blood and pulse rate. Interest in this device has gone up dramatically across the world due to Coronavirus pandemic! People with severe cases of Covid-19 experience low levels of oxygen in the blood, which can be detected with a finger pulse oximeter. Do have a look at our pick of top oximeters you can buy online in India at great prices !

buy infrared thermometer online feature image Curetechie

Best Infrared Thermometer to Buy Online in India

Infrared thermometer is a super cool device for thermal screening of possible covid 19 persons in a contact-less way. Wanting to buy one? No better way than doing that online, where you get a choice of models, prices, features, build quality and design/looks along with users rating. To narrow your search, do not forget to read our top picks of infrared thermometer in India !

Hearing loss problem india

How Hearing Loss Affects People

Age-related hearing loss is common and arises due to many factors. Inability to hear properly can drive affected persons to social isolation. Suitable diagnosis, treatment and/or use of hearing aids can help immensely ! In addition, to minimize hearing loss intensity, you should stay away from damaging noisy environment and maintain your health… Read more to find out!