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Top 5 Hand-held Body Massager (s) in India

Hand held electric body massager can be an effective tool to get relief from common problems of muscle strains and body pains. Their usage is increasingly becoming popular in India, as going to a massage or therapy centre is time consuming, costly and inconvenient.

Body Massage Benefits

Body massage has been found to have numerous benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness and migraine headaches. You can also get relief from various types of body pain which may arise due to old age or work stress. Body massage helps in relaxation from everyday stress, toning down your fat, and making your body flexible & alert. Read more on benefits of body massage here. 

There are various types of massagers or massage equipment available online in India. These include hand held massagers, neck massagers, foot massagers and costlier massage chairs. In this post, we have reviewed the top 5 affordable electric hand held portable body massagers. These work great for most  common types of massage needs that you may have.

Most Affordable Electric Body Massager in India

Our selection is based on build quality, design, ease of use, overall features and users’ ratings and popularity.  So do go through the following list and take your pick for a relaxing massage at home!

 1. Lifelong LLM27 Electric Handheld Body Massager

hand held electric massager

This massager from LifeLong brand has solid build quality and an appealing ergonomic design aiming to provide you relief from muscle pain and stress. It is equipped with 3 changeable massage heads & speed settings for different massage effects. You can use this massager on back, neck or shoulders, thighs, hips/ buttocks and abdomen for getting relief from any muscular pain. Also, you can use this for toning up your muscles and cut out any extra fat or simply relax yourself after a hard day’s stress. Weighing about 825 grams, this product comes with warranty of 1 year for any manufacturing defects.

The body massager has a switch for controlling intensity of vibrations and speed of the rotatory head. The massage heads have protective net cover which is super useful for massaging with oil or for preventing entanglement of body hair. Overall, this is one very good massager selling well online and getting good feedback.


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2. Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager

electric hand held body massager

This Dr Physio handheld body massager has superb build quality. It has 3 massage heads namely Wave Massage, Scraping and Rolling Heads for relaxing neck, back and other body areas. The massager has a non-slip handle for ease of use and offers relatively less noisy vibrations. In addition, its another good feature is that it does not heat up even after 30 minutes of continuous usage.

A quality product of Nureca Inc USA, this massager offers 1 Year standard warranty, extendable for 6 months on registering the purchase. With this massager, you can easily do massaging yourself or gift it to your older parents. Hence, there is absolutely no need to go to a physio-therapy centre for costly massages or use of heavy massage machines.

So, if you are looking for convenience of a body massage at home, this is a great option at a very good price.

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3. HealthSense HM210 Electric Handheld Percussion Body Massager

electric hand held body massager

This best-selling HealthSense body massager has solid build quality and an appealing design in black colour.  Fitted with heavy duty copper wire motor, this body massager is known for superior performance and durability. It comes with 4 adaptable heads aimed at different parts of the body for unique massage experience. The 4 massage heads are: Flat head (for weight loss effects), Wavy heads, Ball head (for using with massage oil) and an additional Micro fibre head (typically used for dead skin exfoliation, which is not found in many massagers).

Needless to mention, the massage heads have protective mesh covers to avoid body hair entanglement or for help in oil massage. Also, you can use its speed control settings for gentle massage effects., because the motor is quite powerful at high speeds.

Another good thing about this massager is that it comes with a fairly long 1.6 mtr (5 feet plus ) cord for easy use. This is also relatively lighter at less than 800 grams weight and very suitable for older people to use themselves. The product comes with 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects and claims to provide good customer support.

So, If you are looking for relief from muscular pain and other old age related pains, or want to relax your muscles, this powerful massager can be your best companion.

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4. Lifelong LLM171 Electric Handheld Pain Relief Full Body Massager

Lifelong Body Massager latest model LLM 171

This Lifelong Body Massager is a quite powerful instrument with 4 four interchangeable heads – flat massage head, ball massage head, wavy massage head, and micro fiber massage head. The copper motor has pure copper wires for energy efficiency, durability, and improved performance. 

What we like is that its 1.6 metre long cord improves portability and it helps you to reach the difficult areas in your body.  This massager has soft, and comfy skin-friendly protective mesh cover around its heads. This prevents your hair entanglement.  You can use this for effectively for pain relief on different body areas such as Neck, Back, Leg and Foot. 

The massager weighs under 800 gms. This can be a great option if you need a massager for use by multiple members in the family. It is well worth the money that you are paying for.

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5. AGARO Comfort Electric Handheld Full Body Hammer Massager

AGARO Comfort Electric Handheld Full Body Hammer Massager

This Agaro brand electric hammer body massager weighs about 1.2 Kg and is equipped with 5 massage treatment heads and 6 speed settings. It comes with finger touch button operation and shuts off automatically if not in use. With its sleek and compact design,  with long handle, it is easy to grip and reach all areas of back and lower back. In addition, you will find this useful for shoulders, arms, legs and feet as well.

If weight is not an issue, you can buy this cool sleek-looking massager. If you are working in IT or BPO centres sitting and working at your home or  office desk all day, you will find it quite useful for back and shoulder pains.

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Nowadays hectic work schedule, stressful life and long sitting hours at office or home can result in muscle cramps and strains. Further, your older parents may suffer from common age related muscular pains in various body areas. Body massage can help you immensely to get relief and relaxation in such cases. To know more on benefits of a hand held body massager, read our related post here.

You may be aware that traditional hand massage can be very time consuming, costly and inconvenient. Therefore, an electric hand held body massager is fast becoming an extremely useful and cost effective alternative for home massage. You can achieve almost similar massage benefits at a fraction of the total cost of visiting a massage centre.

There are many hand held body massagers available online in India. Have a look at our carefully selected body massagers for their price and features. Then you can make the right purchase. 

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