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Top 7 Wellness Gift Ideas for Festive Season

Gift a health monitor or wellness device to your loved ones during the coming festival season! Nowadays people are quite concerned about their general health and well-being. Many of you may have siblings or friends who are athletic, sports persons or simply fitness freaks. In these scenarios, can you think of some innovative gift such as a health monitor or personal medical device as gift for your relative, friends or old parents?

We think it would be a perfectly good idea to do so, esp. when all are battling the Covid pandemic and numeorous environmental and lifestyle concerns. Read on to know more.

…Unlocking the festive seasons with a gift

With unlock in final phases, after a harrowing pandemic for all of us, people will be celebrating a series of festivals now although in a restricted manner. Although much of celebration may very well take place at home, since virus has not gone anywhere and people need to maintain social distancing and will need to avoid gatherings to the best possible extent.

Celebrations call for gifting to your near and dear ones, friends and relatives, including your parents and siblings. That is how you show your love and care for them when the occasion is right.

So what have you thought as gift for this festive season? Well, traditionally many think in terms of clothes, accessories, watches, sunglasses and so on. We however believe that people have been giving these gifts for generations. These are quite commonplace now.

Why not do something different and unique this time and choose an innovative gift for your loved ones? It will be quite interesting and suitable in these pandemic times. So, why not select a cool wellness product or health tracking device as a gift for your old parents, relatives or friends?

We present below Top 7 wellness gift ideas which immensely suit this festive season. 

1. Fitness Bands or Smart Bands

A must for today’s modern youth and adults … who would like to constantly keep their body fit and be healthy all times. You would like to see your sibling, sister or brother measure every step he or she takes, count heart rate regularly, ensure healthy dose of daily sleep, and monitor all bodily activities to keep themselves healthy and fit. What better way than to wear a fitness band or a smart band to keep track of activities? Underaking regular walking and exercise also boosts our immune system and help fight infections better.

We suggest you to look at the some affordable and quality options available online in India for gifting or for buying for yourself.

Additionally, read now our post here for Top 7 Most Affordable Fitness Bands Available Online in India. 

If you are looking for a band which can regularly keep track of BP and heart rate, do look at the following fitness / smart bands.

If you do NOT need to measure blood pressure, another great choice is to look at FastTrack Reflex Smart Bands, loaded with features connecting to your smart phone as well as activities of a fitness band. This can be great gift for your brother or sister, with its unisex design and at affordable prices.

2. Hand-held Body Massager

Yet another great wellness product is electric handheld body massager with many benefits. This can be a great gift for your loved ones, esp. people in senior age, such as senior parents and relatives. No occasion is needed for you to care for them.

Have you wondered how massage helps you relax your strains and muscle spasms and pains? How does it tone up your body and help you maintain youthful agility and flexibility? There are numerous benefits of using an electric hand held body massager at home. Read here to know more about the benefits of body massager. What is more, such a body massager can help reduce fat and tone up as well and hence can be used as gift for someone concerned with beauty and personal care.

Do check out our following picks for gifting an electric hand held body massager to your siblings and loved ones. 

Or click here for review of top electric hand held body masagers online in India. 

3. Heat Pads for Pain Relief

People at old age suffer from different types of body pain which may be due to normal ageing process. Sometimes young people or adults may also suffer from body aches due to excessive exercise or physical strains at work. It may even be due to wrong postures in sitting, sleeping and living at workplace or home.

Heat therapy with Heat Pads has been particularly known to fight such body pain for a long time.

Your elders in the family may have used this in an elementary form by using warm water bags or hot towels at home. Why not give a surprise gift for older brother, sister or old parents in the form of a heat pad, which can help them in their hour of need. You may even buy one for your family use.

There are many options available online, as we have recommended below

Click here to go through the top heat pads you can buy at good rates. 

4. Morning Walker machine

Nowadays, for fear of Covid infections, we are unable to go out for their routine morning walk. This is particularly true for many senior adults in the family. Also, older people often find it difficult to go out, as there are risks of losing balance and falling. This is the case when you do not have a proper walking road and you have to walk by the side of a busy road. In these situations, you will find it handy to have few home fitness products which give similar effects as walking. One of them which we like immensely is a morning walker machine with its simple use, affordability and effectiveness.

A morning walker works by vibrating and sending energy impulses through your feet upwards throughout your entire body. this helps improve blood circulations and refreshes you. Typically 15-20 minutes a day on this is enough for a day’s walking. We suggest reading instructions on the enclosed manual as to how to use the same.

5. BP Monitors

In the past, high blood pressure was normally associated with elders. But no more.  Today, many young people and not-so-old adults in India suffer from hypertension, which is a silent killer disease. If you are interested to learn more, read here our popoular post on high blood pressure as a lifestyle disease.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a lifestyle disease that many are blissfully unaware of. Often, people discover this malaise quite late at a doctor’s clinic. Suddenly, one day they find that they also have surprisingly high BP, when they may have few symptoms associated with it. Recent pandemic experience has also shown that people with high BP are prone to severe viral infections often leading to fatality.

Well, will it not be good to know if you have a normal and healthy blood pressure even before you hit the doctor’s clinic? This is quite possible and affordable too with a digital BP monitor for home use.

We have selected following BP monitors for you or as gift for old parents or middle age siblings based on brand reputation, ease of use, durability and user reviews and popularity. Check these out now!

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6. Glucometer

Glucose meter (or in short Glucometer) is a self-test medical device to test for sugar levels. These are suitable for Type 1& 2 diabetic patients. A glucometer typically comes with strips (you can buy these strips separately also later once they get exhausted). You can test your sugar levels at the convenience of home. Read our post here on how having a glucometer can help you self-test blood sugar at home 

A glucometer can help in taking precautions such as regulating diet and one’s lifestyle leading affected seniors to a healthy and better life.

Few top selling brands available online in India include Accu-Chek Glucometer from Roche Diabetes Care, a leading brand for sugar check.

You may check the following selections online:-

7. Hearing Aid

Often, we have to speak at high volume to our older parents or relatives to make them hear. Older people do have hearing problems and they too have to stretch their vocal cords. This can be irritating at times, even though our intention is to be really heard by our older parents or grandparents. And they too would like to hear clearly so as to have a sense of belonging and involvement. People often ignore such minor hearing losses and take the same for granted as part of old age symptoms.

However, help is at hand with simple electronic devices which can aid in hearing loss. Mostly, these devices help in amplifying the voice so that older people can hear and this results in normal conversations and relationships at home. What is more, many of these are quite easy on pocket.

You can look at following 3 good products at exteremly affordable prices …


Hope you like our ideas of a wellness and healthy gift item for family, relatives and friends for the coming festive season or even any other time. We thought this is something quite different from traditional gifting practice. We are sure your loved ones and dear ones will remember you long for this.

Choose a unique gift this Festive Season and show your love and care to your elder parents, siblings and friends / relatives!

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