A pulse oximeter is a convenient portable device to measure the oxygen level in your blood and pulse rate. Popularly used in hospitals and clinics for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, lungs disorders, heart diseases etc., recent interest in this device has gone up dramatically across the world due to Coronavirus pandemic! People with severe cases of Covid-19 experience low levels of oxygen in the blood, which can be detected with a finger pulse oximeter. Hence it is extremely useful during isolation and treatment of Covid-19 infected persons.

There are situations when it makes perfect sense to keep a finger tip pulse oximeter at home for emergency use. This is really important for people who have already tested positive for Covid-19 and/or are recovering at home due to lack of isolated bed facilities outside. Also, this is required if you have older people living in the house. With the recent surge in Covid numbers, we strongly suggest you think of buying and keeping a pulse oximeter handy at home.

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Top Oximeters to buy online 

You can buy these devices online or at your nearby medical stores if available, although prices and quality can vary widely. In this post we have named the top oximeters which in our view carry with them certain build quality, effectiveness and affordability and which are also doing well in the online market.

If you are looking to buy an oximeter, you can choose any one of these, as most of them offer similar features and all of them have good users feedback up to date. They may differ in terms of looks and pricing, and to some extent build quality. All are light weight & portable and operate with batteries, unless stated otherwise.

DR VAKU Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Online

  • One–touch Operation with Auto ShutoffDr Vaku Finger tip Pulse Oximeter Curetechie review
  • Quick SpO2 & Heart Rate (Pulse Rate) Measurement in 8 sec
  • Suitable for sports enthusiasts (such as bikers & mountaineers) as well
  • Precise Infrared Based Measurement
  • Clear LED Display of SPO2, PR and PI


Carrying almost 4 star rating, it is good to have for Home Use in these Covid times !

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Hesley Pulse Oximeter

Hesley Pulse oximeter curetechie review

  • Measures SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation level) and pulse rate in 5 seconds.
      • Digital OLED display for clear display of results; multi-functions indicators
      • Pulse rate bar graph and Pulse rate waveform; High Accuracy levels
      • Suitable for respiratory patients incl. Covid-19 affected persons
      • Useful for sports enthusiasts as well such as mountain climbers, skiers & bikers
      • 2 AAA batteries give 24 hours usage
      • Auto power off when not in use

This product is a good brand has affordable pricing pricing matched by its quality, accuracy and features as well as 6 months warranty. It has excellent rating 5*.

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CHOICEMMED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Buy Online

Choicemmed -finger-pulse-oximeter curetechie review

  • OLED Display
  • Measures SPO2 and Pulse Rate (PR); shows waveform chart
  • Auto Off ; Low Battery indicator
  • Suitable for Kids and Adults alike
  • Certifications of IEC, US FDA/CE

This is a pretty good with 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects and is sold by Cloudtail India.

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BRAND VILLA Pulse Oximeter

Brand Villa pulse oximeter

  • Measures SpO2 and pulse rate; High accuracy within 2%
  • Low battery indicator, Auto power-off
  • Clear and Bright Colour OLED Display
  • Clear view of oxygen saturation (SPO2), pulse rate (PR) & Perfusion Index
  • Fits wide variety of finger sizes
  • All usual features at good price


It has excellent rating of 4+ Star and given its affordable price, this oximeter is a definite good buy right now, when stock is scarce

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Contec CMS50N Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Online

Contec Pulse Finger Oximeter buy online

  • Auto boot feature on insertion of finger
  • Blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate
  • Small & lightweight
  • Large digital led display
  • Auto power off; Low battery indicator
  • Accommodates widest range of finger sizes

This model is quite effective and is a one of the best seller oximeter brand online.

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HealthSense AccuBeat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

HealthSense Pulse Oximeter

  • Accurate and Reliable readings
  • SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), pulse rat, perfusion index (PI) and Plethysmograph
  • Large and bright two colour  OLED Display
  • Auto sleep mode after 8 sec; Comes with batteries
  • Audible and Visual alarm features, which can be adjusted in settings as per acceptable limits

HealthSense is registered Indian Brand aiming to bring quality innovative products.This product is idealised & conceptualised for Indians & manufactured by exclusive overseas partners. Given its usable features and 1 year off-site service warranty , this is a good buy.

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Pulse Oximeter and Relevance to Covid-19

In brief, a pulse oximeter is…

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures saturation of oxygen (called SpO2) in your blood cells). The way it works is it clips to your finger and then the device sends a shining light through your skin, which is analysed to give reading of blood oxygen amount. Some oximeters can be clipped onto ear, nose or toes as well.

Doctors and medical professionals routinely use pulse oximeters in hospitals and clinics for patients suffering from breathing issues or having lungs / heart disorders resulting in breathing problems.  It helps in identifying if adequate oxygen is being carried through your blood or not.

You can use pulse oximeters at home as well for monitoring SpO2 regularly basis for anyone someone recovering at home at advice of doctor.

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Covid-19 relevance of Pulse Oximeter

Low blood oxygen may indicate deteriorating Covid 19

Many patients with severe cases of Covid-19 are known to experience extremely low levels of oxygen in the blood. This can be measured as SpO2 level by use of a typical finger pulse oximeter. If someone tests positive for novel coronavirus or Covid 19, or even other wise having fever symptoms, then he or she may experience shortness of breath after few days and consequently results in lower supply of oxygen to blood.

In this case, having an oximeter at hand helps immensely. You can easily measure for your oxygen level in the blood and then seek medical assistance and / or additional oxygen. This has increased importance of pulse oximeters in current pandemic times, since this is a fairly simple, effective and quite affordable way of measuring oxygen level in our red blood cells.

When Do You Need Pulse Oximeter during Covid 19

There are situations when it makes perfect sense to use pulse oximetry at home and current Covid 19 surge is one such situation. This is really important for people who have already tested positive for Covid-19 and/or are recovering at home due to lack of isolated bed facilities outside, or experiencing Covid 19 like symptoms. If you fall into this category or have any body at home in this condition, then you may think of buying and keeping a pulse oximeter at home.

Pulse oximeter can largely help monitor whether a Covid 19 patient may need additional oxygen or other urgent health care support. Some state governments in India are providing pulse oximeter for such patients to encourage increasing home treatment of Covid 19 infections. But in other cases, you may consider strongly buying one pulse oximeter at nearby medical store or online.   

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