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JSB H10 back brace heat pad for pain relief curetechie review

Top 9 Heat Pad (s) in India for Pain Relief

Heat treatment or use of heat pad has been known for a long time for providing relief from pain in various body areas such as shoulders, back, knees etc. In this review article, we have reviewed and recommended Top 9 heat pads for relief from common body pains, muscle pain or spasms.

Curetechie Features reviews top Cold Gel eye mask

Top 5 Cold Gel Eye Masks in India

Look at our Top 5 cold gel eye masks available online in India before buying one. Cold Gel Eye Masks can benefit you many ways in getting relief from common eye strains, puffiness around eyes, for providing soothing effect after a beauty treatment and fighting sleeplessness or anxiety.

Hand held body massager, body massager

Hand-held Body Massager – Numerous Benefits at Your Hands !

Body massage has been found to have many benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness, migraine headaches and various types of body pain. It provides relaxation from everyday stress and makes our body flexible and alert. However, traditional hand massage can be time consuming, costly and at times, simply unavailable. In such cases, hand held electrical massager can do wonders for you at the convenience of your home.