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Top 7 Affordable Fitness Bands in India under Rs. 3000

The most affordable and good quality fitness trackers you can find in India now. Fitness bands that you can use to keep yourself fit and healthy. Read on…

The wearable device which started as a modest pedometer for step counting has evolved into an amazing array of health and fitness trackers. Today’s fitness bands are quite powerful when it comes to keeping track of your activities and health. 

A fitness band can regularly track your activity levels, sleep quality, step counting and idle time quite accurately. It is the best way to measure and benchmark your fitness and wellness, with full knowledge of all the statistics and trends that it can provide. Know about the features of a fitness band here. 

Affordable Fitness Bands Available Online in India

In India, you will find fitness bands ranging from Rs. 1000 to as high as Rs 20,000 or even more. The market for such products has been growing every passing month, as more and more people are taking charge of their general fitness and wellness.

While brands like Xiaomi have some low cost satisfactory MI bands, the segment has many known but quite costly brands such as Garmin, Fitbit and TomTom. In between, India’s fitness band market has many smart bands, which do a pretty good job of tracking most health activities yet come at affordable prices.

What should you keep in mind while buying a fitness bands ?

While buying a fitness band, you must carefully consider and weigh the following factors:-

  1. Usage Level: How often will you be using the fitness band? Are you a regular work-out freak or just beginning to exercises only few times a week? This will tell you if you should go for a basic band or a band with loads of features.
  2. Required Features :Which smart band features are you going to use really and often? Many features such as music control or camera control may not be used by some people, yet some may not be particular about water resistance. For instance, we do not really use all the features of our smartphone, or smartphone camera features. So can be the case with fitness bands!
  3. Budget Vs Price : At the end of the day, you want a band which is easy to use, reliable and gives you value for money. So naturally, you should look at its price and compare with your budget.

So, in this post we highlight Top 7 affordable fitness bands in India for persons conscious about both health and budget. The budget fitness trackers / activity trackers / smart bands for your regular needs. Here they are (in no particular order) …

The Top 7 Most Affordable Fitness Bands in India

MI Band 3 Fitness Band

Curetechie review MI band 3 fitness band

A very practical, improved (as compared to earlier MI bands) and powerful fitness band at quite affordable rate under Rs. 2000 is MI Band 3 available online in India. This activity tracker flaunts a large 0.78 inch OLED touch screen. It has usual smart band features such as tracking steps, distance covered and calories burnt. Its smartphone integration allows call and notification alerts from message and social media apps such as Uber, WhatsApp etc.

You should be happy to note that this band is now equipped with a continuous heart rate monitor unlike MI Band HRX edition (also featured in this post later, though available now at even lower price). Also in the band are Sleep Analysis, Idle Alert and Find My Phone features.

The band claims its battery to last 20 days on single charge; but this is so when heart rate is not turned on. With heart rate function running continuously, it easily powers the band for 5-6 days as reported by many users.

The fitness band is compatible with all phone devices with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Its 5ATM water resistance rating means that it resists water up to a depth of 50 meters!

Overall, a solid fitness band loaded with more features than before and with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. So if you are keen on buying the latest MI band at good price, then go and grab this online.   This can be your best bet.



Honor Band A2 (Black)

This stylish and good looking fitness band, the Honor Band A2, has quite a large 0.96-inch multi-touch OLED screen, giving you an easy, effortless and smooth touch experience.  It has all the regular features of a fitness tracker such as step counting, sleep monitor, heart rate sensor coupled with interactive call & message reminders, & Apps notifications through Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

The band is water resistant and claims to have accurate fitness and health tracking. It has also some unique features such as lift-to-wake and lower-to-sleep functions. Another good thing is that with one full charge, its battery can last up to 5-7 days, so that you can lead an smooth uninterrupted active life.



Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band

This sports and activity tracker, viz. Noise ColorFit Pro, has an impressive 1.2 inches large square metallic finish LCD display. The display screen is anti-scratch as well as protected with corning gorilla glass. This smart watch like band is equipped with fitness tracker and other features to help your energize your fitness and wellness journey in style.

This good looking smart band watch can monitor Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Level apart from regular fitness tracking such as Steps Counting and Sleep Monitor. It has got a Multi-Sports Mode like running, walking, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football. You should note that the test results for Heart Rate, BP and SpO2 (blood oxygen) are for reference and should not be used for medical purpose.

The band provides notifications for calls, messages, other notifications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. , weather updates and remote camera and music player controls. What we also like is that it comes with USB magnetic charging.  You just plug in the charging clip (provided in the box) to the back of the Smart Watch and plug the charging cable into an adapter or USB port. The band‘s battery lasts up to 3 days of normal usage with one full charge and the band has 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

So if you are looking for a stylish smart watch with fitness band features, then you can buy this product for yourself or for someone you love as a gift.


HolyHigh 115Plus Fitness Band

This IP67 water proof band, namely HolyHigh 115Plus Fitness Band, can track your daily activities like Steps, Distance, Calories burned and total Activities Time. It supports multi sports mode such as jogging, cycling or walking. This improved band has some appealing features such as auto sync date & time, sedentary reminder, smart alarm, heart rate monitor, camera remote control, anti-lost, touch display screen and gesture control.

Its intelligent sleep monitoring can record sleep duration and sleep quality such as light & deep sleep, and can give silent vibratory alarm. It has all the usual smartphone sync features such as notifications of social media apps, SMS, and calls through 4.0 BLE Bluetooth connectivity.

The band is compatible with Android (above 4.4) and iPhone (above iOS 7.1) and can connect to VeryFit Pro app.  It has a built-in USB dongle, for easy charging without any cable through your laptop’s / computer’s / Charger’s USB port. With one full charge of approx. 2 hours, the band can run 7 days of normal usage. If you are looking for a good quality band available at equally good price, then this may be the best bet for you!


Mi Band – HRX Edition (Black)

A very useful, functional and powerful fitness band at quite a low price, the Mi Band – HRX edition, sports an OLED display size of 0.42 inch. It has all the features of a smart band such as tracking steps, distance covered and calories burnt. Its Idle Alert can give you reminder when you have been inactive or idle for too long. This will make you start moving, walking or exercising so that you can keep yourself fit and healthy.

It receives and sends notification of calls, messages, or social media app notifications. You should note that it does not have a heart rate sensor. The band is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, and Apple phones with iOS 7.0 and above, such as iPhone models 4s and later.

It is resistant to water splashes, sweat, cosmetics and dust; the glossy black display is UV coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. If you are not looking for heart rate tracking, then this can be very good and reliable band for everyday needs. The price has further dropped to below Rs. 1500 by Jun 2019 when this post was updated, so very cost effective too. 


Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black Dial

With its classy and sturdy looks, the Fasttrack Reflex 2.0 is an improved fitness tracker and digital watch in the affordable range under Rs. 3000. It effectively tracks number of steps, distance covered and calories burned. It comes equipped with an inbuilt sedentary reminder, which can help you to lead an active life. Not to forget its ability to track sleep patterns, as poor sleep quality can seriously affect your health.

It is water resistant and it boasts of 7-8 days of battery life with one full charge. Its smartphone integration capability allows receiving notification of SMS, calls, and Social Media App messages. It can control your smartphone camera too for taking that perfect Selfie!

The Fasttrack Reflex 2.0 scores with 1-year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects. If you are looking for a brand name and basic activity tracking features at attractive price, then go for this option. You do not have to look any further!


WEARFIT Fitness Tracker

Curetechie review Wearfit fitness band with BP heartrate

The WEARFIT fitness band is a great working and budget-friendly fitness tracker available online in India. With stunning looks and build, it sports a 0.96 inch TFT screen with resolution settings. It is capable of recording all common fitness features such as steps, calories, mileage, sleep duration and depth monitor. And also the tracker alerts and notifies on Call, SMS and Social Media app activities.

What is more, the band has additional health features such as measurement of dynamic and static heart rate, blood oxygen rate (SpO2) and blood pressure. However, please note continuous monitors such as heart rate can reduce battery life.

It integrates with smartphones all phones with Android (OS 4.4 or above) and for Apple iPhones (iOS 9.0 or above) with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. It is IP67 waterproof and its battery charges in 1.5 hours to last for about a week.  

Overall a very powerful fitness band at budget rate and we recommend this for people with frequent health issues or senior citizens wanting to not only monitor their activity levels but also key health indicators such as Heart Rate, BP and SpO2. So go ahead and buy this as a gift for your senior parents who may need this.



If you want to keep yourself fit and active, break away from your habit of sitting too long at home or office;  make the fitness band your companion!

Buy a fitness tracker whose features you can use and which you can afford. If you are confused as to which features you want, may be you would like to read the following article.

Learn about common and special features of Fitness Bands or Activity Trackers. 

Above all, learn and purchase. Hope this post on Top 7 affordable fitness bands in India has helped you take a decision. 

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