Wellness Gifts

Old People Free To Enjoy Life

Top Wellness Products for Seniors

When your parents and seniors grow old, they may be faced with minor health issues such as back pain, knee, neck pain and various body aches. Yet others may have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, chronic metabolism issues or partial hearing loss. We describe here our Top 5 Wellness Gift ideas for your seniors and old parents, which can help them live life better.

features of fitness band tracker

Fistful of Features In A Fitness Band

There are many fitness bands available online in India, with varying features in a wide range of prices. So what are the most common features in a fitness band? Which additional special features are being offered by few fitness bands? If you are thinking of buying a fitness band, know all the nuances about features of a fitness band commonly available in the market. Know and Make the Right Choice!

Pulse Oximeter SPO2 blood oxygen monitor measurement

Benefits of Using A Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a convenient device measure vital oxygen level in your blood and pulse rate. It is popularly used in hospitals and clinics for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as Asthma, COPD, heart diseases etc. and recently for Covid-19.  It is also a very helpful device for pilots, mountain climbers, athletes Or any health conscious person wanting to monitor blood oxygen and heart rate on regular basis.

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