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Can heat pads reduce period pain ?

Can heat pads reduce period pain or pain due to menstruation ?

Heat pads help in reducing various types of body pains such as on knees, back, shoulders etc. Can they also help in reducing period pain faced by women regularly. The answer is yes. Read on why and how  …

Menstrual pain and heat pad, hot water bottle

Hot pad for period pain

Women regularly experience menstruation pain due to periods and some find it very difficult to bear. We are all witness to the same at home and in our family circles. The pain can badly affect women’s daily work routine at home or office.

In many cases, it has been seen that women take a day or two off in a month on account of this.  Any help which can help reduce such pain is most welcome and can lead to a pain free life for women at home and office.

Why period pains?

Going by medical science, when menstruation happens, the uterus contracts to shed its lining and this process causes contraction of uterine muscles leading to cramps and pain. (Period pains are also known as “dysmenorrhea” in medical terms).

What do women normally do?

One popular way is to take pain killer drugs available over the counter in medical stores across the country. However, these pain killer pills often have side effects if taken regularly. An alternative remedy, as per experience of most women, is to apply heat or warmth over abdomenal area by using a heat pad.

What is the most popular home remedy?

For a long time, women have passed down through generation as to how to manage their period pain. A traditional home cure has been (and still is ! ) to use some sort of a homemade heat pad (such as folded towel heated – either dry or moist), or a hot water bag or bottle, and press the same to the abdomen. This provides relief.

In 2006, Daily Mail of UK reported findings of medical research which confirms the lessening of menstrual pain through application of heat as explained above.

Is heat pad an effective method for period pain ?

The answer is Yes. Applying heat or warmth works on menstrual pain in a similar way as it works on normal muscle cramps. What a heat pad does is : it  increases blood flow to the uterine muscle areas and thereby relaxes the muscle tissues. This leads to lessening of the pain.

Hence, applying heat by way of heating pad, or hot water bag or bottle, helps relief from period pain. You can even take a warm bath to reduce cramping pain resulting from having periods.

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Heat Pad is a good alternative to pain killer 

Apart from pain killer drugs (which can have side effects and you should take doctor’s advice on which pills are best suited for you), you can make yourself a traditional heat pad at home. And press this to abdomenal area for reducing menstrual pain.

However, if you find it bothersome or too much of a task to make a heat pad at home, you can buy one heat pad online.

There are a wide range of heat pads available in India online market, such as electric heating pads or hot water bags or bottles which can help you to relieve your period pains. Read our article here on the range of heat pads. 

While you may take pain killer pills to reduce period pains, you can also keep an electrical heat pad or a hot water bottle and use the same for relief.

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Past history and experience of women show that Heat Pads can help reduce common period pain. There are various types of heat pads available online, using which you can get relief from regular menstrual pains and can carry on your daily chores with ease.

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