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Fistful of Features In A Fitness Band

You have come here because you would like to know about the most common features of a fitness band or a fitness tracker.  Or maybe you have already decided to buy one and would like to know which features are important. Whichever way, we hope you will find this article useful and interesting and will help you to buy the right fitness band.

As wearable technology evolves, more and more fitness bands are being released in the Indian market with increasingly new features. But be sure that many of these devices would need to offer certain basic or common features. For instance, what is a fitness tracker that cannot track steps or receive call/ text notification from your smartphone? Then depending upon the band, there are some additional / special features such as heart rate or swimming sensors etc. which you may want to have.

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Therefore, when you go out to buy a fitness tracker, learn about all the features you want to have in the fitness band and which ones you will seriously use.

Most Common Features of a Fitness Band

1. Distance Tracker:

Any fitness tracker should be able to count your steps and the distance you cover. Some premium fitness bands also offer distance tracking over long periods of time to assess your fitness progress.

2. Calorie Tracker:

Fitness bands mostly will be able to measure amount of calories you burn during a walk. You will get to know intensity of your activities. Some fitness bands have calorie intake and weight trackers too, through which you can input your food/ calorie intake and compare calories burnt versus calories consumed. After all, your body weight and  fat content largely depends upon how much you are consuming against how much you are using or burning.

3. Sleep Monitor:

Sleep monitoring tells you about length and quality of your sleep. This is an important feature if you are looking to improve your general fitness and well-being. Lack of sleep quality can adversely affect your health in many ways. Some fitness bands also have silent wake up alarm and other intelligent features relating to sleep quality.

4. Smartphone Integration:

Almost all fitness devices offer integration facility which connects the band to your smartphone via bluetooth connectivity for a variety of functions. Some may simply provide notifications when your phone gets a call or a text message, while others can even display and respond to text messages or start a call. There are a few high end bands which can even play your smartphone music or start your smartphone camera for you to take a selfie.

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Additional Special Features of A Fitness Band

5. Heart Rate Monitor:

Heart rate indicates intensity of your exercise and is now fast becoming a common feature on quite a few mid-range fitness bands. Measuring your heart rate can help you get a good idea of calories you are burning per day. Heart rate also can show you if you are in the normal heart rate zone.

6. BP Checker :

About a year ago, fitness bands did not have BP (Blood Pressure) checking function, but nowadays there are a select few fitness bands which come with this additional feature of reference BP checking through in-built sensors. These bands can give you an indicative range of blood pressure readings. If you are having high BP and want to control the same through increasing activities and exercises, this function can be very useful. Please however note that this is not a medical grade BP measurement and results can vary within 5% as compared to reading on a medical grade BP monitor.

7. Exercise Recognition:

There are some fitness bands which are equipped with activity sensors which can sense and monitor different types of exercises or sports activities such as running, cycling and walking or aerobics. It will then automatically log your workout within the related app your device is using or connecting to. However, please note that accuracy of this feature varies greatly depending upon quality of the fitness band.

8. GPS Tracking:

While all fitness trackers offer you insight into how many steps you have taken, getting a device which has GPS can add another perspective to what you are tracking. With GPS, fitness bands can map your routes and provide statistics like pace apart from distance traveled and route taken. Hence, fitness gadgets that have GPS feature are great for regular runners and cyclists.

9. Movement Reminders:

It is quite a simple feature though but can be very useful. A movement reminder works by way of vibration or a notification to inform you that you have been sitting still for quite some time. And it is time now to move and do some activities. For many of you who sit at desk and work all day, or couch for long hours in cushy sofas at home, these reminders are super useful to nudge you to take a break and start being active.

10. Water Resistance and Swimming Tracking:

Resistance to water and sweat is an important factor for long life of your fitness band. Earlier many fitness trackers available were not waterproof. But nowadays, most of fitness bands come with water resistance and you can safely wear the band regularly even when it is raining or while taking a bath.

However if you want to track your swimming activities, then water resistance alone may not be good enough. You would want the band to additionally log your swimming activities in the pool. This special feature is however offered by some high end devices, which claim to track additional metrics such as no. of laps you swim, duration of each lap, total swim time etc.

11. In-built Coaching or Personalized Guidance:

Mostly fitness trackers will log your activity and fitness data, but some high end bands can also provide feedback to help you improve your fitness level. If you want to get some real-time guidance on your exercise, then look for a coaching feature in the band. This comes as in-built feature inside the fitness band and can give you real-time audio advice (such as Moov Now fitness band).

But some bands come with a personalized guidance by a health coach (typically engaged by the gadget manufacturer or seller) to guide you for initial few months (such as GOQii Vital band). This feature can provide you extra motivation to keep going in your efforts to improve your health and well-being.

Wide Choice of Fitness Trackers in India

Today, Indian market offers a phenomenal choice of fitness bands with varying features at different price points. You would like to have a fitness band which is easy to use and reliable. It should make your activities and workout a pleasurable experience. You should be able to track your most important fitness or exercise goals so that you can hope to become fitter and healthier. At the same time, you must strive to get good value for money that you are spending for the features that you will certainly and regularly use.

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Overall, a fitness band or a fitness tracker is a great tool to have if you are keen to maintain physical fitness on a regular basis. More and more people are becoming health and fitness conscious, with increasing research studies linking lack of physical activities to today’s lifestyle diseases. So there is a rise in usage of fitness bands in India, as youth and aged alike would like to know how much activities they are logging in per day.

There are many fitness bands available online in India, with varying features in a wide range of prices. There are some basic common features which you can expect in almost all bands, and then there are few additional special features offered by few bands.

If you are thinking of buying a fitness band, understand and think a while on all the features that you will regularly use and which are the features which may just remain fanciful or may even be inadequate. Then strike the right balance between the useful features and price that you pay.

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