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Top 5 Cold Gel Eye Masks in India

In this post we have reviewed the Top 5 cold gel eye masks available online in India at very good prices. Do have a look at them in case you are thinking of buying a Cold Gel Eye Mask.

Cool Gel Eye Masks has been proven to be beneficial in many ways such as for getting you relief from common daily eye strains, reducing puffiness around your eyes and for providing soothing effect after a beauty treatment.

If you are not sure whether to buy a cold gel eye mask, then you can read through our post here explaining cold gel eye benefits in detail.

Gel Eye Mask Uses

  • Get relief from eye strains & related headaches formed during long hours of working on computer or kitchen
  • Helps soothe eye stress from watching TV/movies, late night sleep and long reading
  • Helps fight insomnia (lack of sleep or restlessness) and anxiety
  • Useful for common eye conditions such as puffiness, dry eyes etc.

The cooling effect on the eyes and surrounding areas creates a soothing relaxation for you. It cools down the eye conditions instantly. For best results, you can use it at bed time before falling asleep. You can use them at room temperature or by cooling for 15-20 minutes inside your refrigerator. It is quite a handy and simple tool to use, yet very effective in numerous ways

Experts suggest that you should not use the cold gel eye mask overnight. Hence if you are using this at bed time, make sure to take out before falling asleep.  

Our Picks of Top 5 Cold Gel Eye Masks in India

In this post, we help you cut through the maze of numerous online products and help you pick the right eye mask. Do go through our pick of top gel eye masks available online in India.

These products are available at very affordable price of Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 per piece or so. We like them on account of their design, user tests and reviews. Most of them are made from similar material and offer similar benefits.

So go ahead and take your pick from this selection!

  1. Healthmax(Tm) Relaxing Gel Eye Mask

Curetechie Review Healthmax Gel Eye Mask 


  • Cooling Eye Gel Mask with Velcro straps, good for fatigued, puffy and dry eyes
  • Size : 17.8 x 12 x 3 cm
  • Gel mask designed to fit well on eyes and face; quite gentle & comfortable
  • Use in room temperature OR refrigerated/cold
  • Good seller, good sales clocked online and about 4 star reviews

So if you want to get relief from your common eye stress, related headache and restlessness, then you can consider this.

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2. YogaHealthMart Relaxing Gel Eye Mask, Pack of 2

Curetechie Review Gel Eye Mask buy online india best cold gel eye mask


  • Comes in a Set of 2 nos. gel eye masks, each with Velcro straps; perhaps one of the cheapest
  • Almost similar as above; Good online brand
  • Has garnered good user reviews (3.5 stars +)

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3. TOWINO Cooling Gel Relaxing Eye Mask for Dark Circles

Towino Cool Gel Eye Mask for Eye Puffiness Eye strain Sleep Dark Circles


  • 1 no. Eye Mask with Velcro Straps
  • Very soft and comfortable to apply
  • Relieves eye tiredness,dry eyes,eye and head aches,restlessness,insomnia
  • Use in room temperature or as cold (after putting in freezer for 20 mins or so)
  • User reviews : 4 stars

If you want to home treat your frequently fatigued, puffy or dry eyes, then you may look at this.

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4. WARRIOR Cooling Gel Face, Eye and Cool Masks – Set of 3

Curetechie Review Top 5 Gel Eye Masks Online India


  • This is not one product but three items in one pack, consisting of one Eye Gel Mask, AND additionally 1 Face Gel Mask and 1 Cool Gel Pack
  • Face Gel mask can help you tone up facial wrinkles and bags below the eyes
  • Cold Gel Pack can help you get relief from pain for fresh injuries, bruises or certain types of pains. (In case you want to learn more about when to use cold or heat treatment, read our article here).
  • This is an excellent value pack of cold gel products for almost every-day use.
  • Has received good user feedback (3.5 Stars). Recommended buy.

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5. Eyelet Gel Eye Mask

Curetechie Review Best Gel Eye Mask in India


  • This is a medium sized cooling gel eye mask and fits most faces. But do check the size for yourself before buying
  • Size: 16cm*5cm*2cm
  • Made of cold-resistant soft eco-friendly PVC material and has no toxin or latex
  • Chill it in the freezer or pop it into the microwave; so, can be used as warm also
  • Has made good sales and carries user rating of 3.5 stars

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There are many cold gel eye masks available in the online market  in India. While anyone can do the work for you, we have gone through these products and have selected the top 5 cold gel eye masks, based on overall design, user tests and feedback.

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