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We are passionate about promoting and popularizing use of technology based wellness and fitness devices in India. We will strive to bring you the best of knowledge and research regarding everyday personal use of gadgets, products and services aimed at enhancing your health, fitness and well being.

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Old People Free To Enjoy Life
Top 5 Wellness Products for Seniors
When your parents and seniors grow old, they may be faced with minor health issues such as back pain, knee, neck pain and various body aches. Yet others may have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, chronic metabolism issues or
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Heat Pad Electric Heat Pad Hot Pack Hot Water Bottle Hot Gel Pad
Heat Pads for Various Types of Body Pain
Heat treatment has been known to reduce pan in various body areas such as shoulders, back, knees etc. There are many types of heat pads available commercially in Indian online market. Learn about them here so that you can choose
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Hot Pad versus cold pack Ice Pack for Pain Relief
When do I use heat and when do I use cold?
Often it can be confusing to know when you should be using heat treatment and when cold treatment or therapy for relief from body pain. Some types of body pain are best dealt with cold treatment with a cool pack.
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While we carry out our daily work at home, kitchen or office or as we grow old, we suffer injuries or our health deteriorates to some extent. While we need to consult specialized doctors who prescribe treatment or medicines for major injuries and illness, we can very well take care of minor health irritants ourselves and live a healthy and better life.

Medical science and technology have provided us a range of of personal medical devices and appliances for monitoring our health and fitness level.  Through this website, we will promote, sponsor and popularize use of innovative technology, personal medical devices and practices for monitoring and taking care of our health.