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Body Mass Index or BMI and other measures of body fat
Body Mass Index and Body Fat
Though Body Mass Index is an internationally accepted and most popular measure of excessive body weight, there are other ways of knowing exact amount of unhealthy body fat. Do not ignore them if you want to lead a healthy life.
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High Blood Pressure Hypertension Silent Killer
High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer !
Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is widely prevalent in India and many are unaware of it. High BP can slowly damage your body organs. Today, you can monitor your blood pressure regularly at home and take preventive steps to keep
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Body Weight Measurement Obese Fat Control Weighing Scale
Track Your Body Weight – Avoid being Overweight or Obese !
Are you overweight or obese? If yes, then you are at greater risk of heart diseases. One important healthy thing to do is measure and track your body weight regularly. We describe in this article how much overweight you are
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Blood sugar test at home, blood glucose test
Check Blood Sugar at Home – Prevent Diabetes
India has the highest number of diabetic patients in the world. This is being caused by our modern lifestyle. Diabetes is incurable and leads to many health complications. However, you can guard yourself against this only if you can monitor
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Cool Pack Ice Bag Ice Pack for pain relief
Top 3 Cool Packs in India to fight your pain !
If you have decided to buy a cool pack, an ice bag or cold pack, there are many products available in the Indian online market. We have looked at top 3 products which you can possibly consider.
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Heat Pad Hot Pad Hot Water Bottle Bag for Menstrual pain period pain
Can heat pads reduce period pain ?
Heat pads are known to reduce various types of body pains such as on knees, back, shoulders etc. Can they also help in getting relief from common period pain faced by women regularly ? We try to answer this question.
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