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Fitness band
Top 7 Affordable Fitness Bands in India under Rs. 3000
Want to know how active and fit you are? What better option than to buy a fitness band to track your activities. The Indian Fitness band has some some amazing range of fitness trackers, not only packed with features but
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gift for Raksha Bandhan health devices wellness products gadgets as gifts for festivals
Top 5 Wellness Gift Ideas for Festive Season
Many of us have a brother or sister who are athletic, or into some sports activities or simply health conscious. Or you are concerned about their health yourself. Consider gifting a health monitor or handy medical device to your brother,
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Hand held body massager, body massager
Hand-held Body Massager – Numerous Benefits at Your Hands !
Body massage has been found to have many benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness, migraine headaches and various types of body pain. It provides relaxation from everyday stress and makes our body flexible and alert. However, traditional hand massage can
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Eye Mask for sleeping
Sleep Disorder – Eye Masks Can Help !
Are you often suffering from lack of proper and quality sleep? If yes, you may not be alone. Modern lifestyle with stress in everyday work and home life are making difficult for many people in India in sleeping well. A
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Gel Eye Mask Cool Eye Mask
Benefits of using Cool Gel Eye Masks
You can get relief from such common eye strain problems by using a cool gel eye mask. A cool gel eye mask can reduce your eye stress, can remove wrinkles & dark circles around your eyes. Continuous eye strain from
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blood pressure monitor smart watch or smart band or fitness band
Smart band Blood Pressure Monitor – A Quick Look
In India now, there are quite a few fitness bands or trackers which also claim to measure blood pressure. These can be very good for certain persons wanting frequent measurement of blood pressure. Know their pros and cons before buying
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