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Factors to look when you buy fitness band online

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If you are thinking to buy fitness band online, you must consider certain important factors before hitting that Buy button online. In this post, we have identified certain key factors you should look at while buying a fitness band. And these are not just tracking features and price only. So read on to learn more…

What factors to consider when you buy fitness band online

Once you have checked out all the features of band you want to buy, how should you go about making a buy decision? Please do weigh or consider the following factors carefully before buying a fitness band.  These are quite important economic or efficiency factors which can impact your buying decision in favour of a particular fitness band.

Most Useful Features of Fitness Tracker Online

If it is for simply tracking your walking or running activity, steps counting and getting notification for calls and messages from your smartphone, there are many affordable brands out there. You do not really have to spend tons of money. However if you are particular about water resistance and frequently go out to swim, then you should look for good water resistance and possibly ability to sense swimming as an exercise. Also, some fitness bands have reference BP (blood pressure) checker function as well. If you need that you can go for the appropriate fitness tracker with this function. Our main point is: choose a fitness band whose features you can use as much as possible.

Confused as to what features you can get in a fitness band or activity tracker? As wearable technology evolves, more and more fitness bands are being released in the Indian market with increasingly new features. If you want to know about all the features that are available, you may want to read our post on common and special features of a fitness band.

Budget vs. Price of Fitness Band Online

Fitness bands are available in India in a wide range of prices from Rs.1000 to Rs. 20000 and even more. However, you would like to buy something which suits your pocket as well as offers features that you can really use. There are very good options available in the affordable price range of Rs. 2000 to 3000, which can do well for most people. Yet, for same features, certain premium brands can cost in the range of Rs. 10000 or so with features which you may not need.

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MI Band 3

Indian online market offers wide range of fitness bands with varying features and price points. You would naturally want to have a fitness band which is easy to use, reliable and which makes your activities and workout a pleasurable experience. Do a proper balance between cost and fitness features while buying a fitness band and the price that you are willing to pay based on budget.

To help you select from some good and economy bands, you may check out our review of most affordable fitness bands in India.

Compatibility of fitness tracker with your phone

Most fitness bands integrate well with smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity for managing notifications, messages and calls. Fitness bands may also come with their own tracker app and/or offer compatibility with your computer or mobile devices so that you can gather activity trends and monitor your progress. You should look for brands which can connect seamlessly with your available devices and most importantly with your smartphone.

Display Screen Size

While any display size can be good for a young person, large display size can greatly help older persons, senior citizens or people having eye sight problems. With bigger display screens, you can easily navigate through various functions of your fitness band. But remember that large display can make the band look bulky. So you have to consider and balance between bulkiness and sleek design associated with smaller display size.

Battery Life of Activity Tracker Online

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A Fitness Band is meant to be used regularly and for longer periods to be effective for you to lead an active life. In such a case, it is important that you look at how long its battery lasts and what the charging options are.

Some fitness bands can be more energy efficient than others. Some can last for 6-7 days with a single charge, yet you may have to charge other bands every 2-3 days. Long battery life can definitely help you in your intense activities monitoring. When you buy fitness band online, select the one with as much battery life as you are comfortable with.

Conclusion – How to Buy Fitness Band Online

Overall, a fitness tracker is a smart tool to have for all those who are keen to maintain physical fitness on a regular basis. There are many fitness bands available online in India, with varying features available and in a wide range of prices.

If you want to buy fitness band online, try to weigh carefully all the important factors such as most useful features, budget or acceptable price, display size, battery life and compatibility with your phone.