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Ways to boost body immunity

As there is no vaccine or proven medical treatment for the novel corona virus, a good chance against its infection is by having strong body immunity. So, undertake all ways and means to boost your immunity. High body immunity will help you fight any viral or bacterial infections. Read more on how to increase your immunity….

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All about non-contact infrared thermometers

Non-contact infrared thermometers have emerged as good alternative to traditional mercury based thermometers. They are incredibly fast, easy to use, non-invasive, accurate, infection-free and inexpensive. Use them You can use non-contact infrared thermometer at home for checking fever in your children or very old seniors without touching them or distracting them.

JSB H10 back brace heat pad for pain relief curetechie review

Top 9 Heat Pad (s) in India for Pain Relief

Heat treatment or use of heat pad has been known for a long time for providing relief from pain in various body areas such as shoulders, back, knees etc. In this review article, we have reviewed and recommended Top 9 heat pads for relief from common body pains, muscle pain or spasms.